Mr Beast

Mr Beast standing in front of 100 contestants for an epic challenge

Mr Beast

Mr Beast




Spring 2023

Mr Beast

Jimmy Donaldson, known professionally as Mr. Beast, is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos that centers on expensive stunts and challenges. With over 180 million subscribers as of August 2023, he is the most-subscribed individual user on the platform and the second-most-subscribed channel overall and has ranked on the Forbes list for the highest-paid YouTube creator in 2022.

Description of Project

Concept Pixels partnered with Mr. Beast and his team, providing high-end LED video displays to enhance the visual experience of this highly anticipated video project.

Gear Used


100 contestants living in clear pods in a warehouse
Mr Beast on stage in front of a LED wall
Winning contestant laying in a large pile of fake cash
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